D1Map BETA Build v0.78 - For the official website visit (d1stats.ru). Please keep in mind that Shop/Subscription and other features are not linked in anyway to the game. For testing purposes you can use this Paypal Account. Feedback and bugs are much appreciated @discord.


/ forever


Your mere participation to this project is already appreciated

Features & Perks
Custom emotes NO
Name changes 1 / week
Website Avatar JPG / PNG
Chests 1 Crate
Earth Supporter


/ month


You want to support us, but also get some basic perks? This is for you!

Features & Perks
Custom Emotes 5
Name Changes 1 / Day
Website Avatar JPG / PNG / GIF
Chests 1 Crate / month
Early Access 15 days
Extra crystals 30
Recognition Earth
Website ADS NO ADS
Shop Sale 5%
Storm Supporter


/ month


You own multiple accounts, across many platforms? We got you covered.

Features & Perks
Custom Emotes 5
Name Changes ∞ / Day
Website Avatar JPG / PNG / GIF
Chests 1 Chest / month
Early Access 30 days
Extra crystals 50
Recognition Storm
Website ADS NO ADS
Shop Sale 10%
Colored Text One color
Ember Supporter


/ month


You simply like being awesome! Have some unlimited perks.

Features & Perks
Custom Emotes 5
Name Changes HASH KEY
Website Avatar JPG / PNG / GIF
Chests 1 Strongbox / month
Early Access 45 days
Extra crystals 70
Recognition Ember
Website ADS NO ADS
Shop Sale 15%
Colored Text Custom color



We are aware most of you play on multiple platfroms using different accounts, so we made changing your account name easier. This way you will benefit of purchased skins and items on any account you wish. Learn more

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE1 / week
  • EARTH1 / day
  • STORM∞ / day
  • EMBERYou no longer have to change your name. Just add your generated HASH KEY to your dota config file and you will have your items on any account using that PC, on any client using our map.


Upon completing certain milestones, we wish to reward you with crates, chests and strongboxes. Learn more

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE1 Common Crate when you register
  • EARTH1 Common Crate / month
  • STORM1 Fortune Chest / month
  • EMBER1 Saphire Strongbox / month


We grant premium users with early access to all of the shop items. You can purchase them long before anyone else.

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • EARTH15 days
  • STORM30 days
  • EMBER45 days

The elapsed time is considered since the map version is released on our website (and is not dependent to when the dota-clients update/adopt the latest map version)


Premium members will retrieve a part of their membership investments as crystals.
Learn more

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • EARTH50 / subscription renewal
  • STORM75 / subscription renewal
  • EMBER100 / subscription renewal


We will always be grateful for the support you give us. And such, we'll make sure you get the appreciation you deserve everywhere possible.

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • EARTHEarth recognition
  • STORMStorm recognition
  • EMBEREmber recognition

For now you will get special recognition/titles on: forum, in-game, discord.


NO MORE ADS. It's as simple as it sounds. You will no longer see ADS when you browse the website.

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • EARTHNo ads
  • STORMNo ads
  • EMBERNo ads


To show appreciation we offer you better deals for all the shop items(*). This is a direct discount from the prices shown in the shop.

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • STORM5%
  • EMBER10%

* Discount does not apply to items that are currently already going on a sale.


Wether you want your team to pay attention to what your are saying during game OR you want more of that juicy notoriety, colored text is here for you.

Depending on your membership:

  • FREE
  • STORM1 color
  • EMBERAny color (*)

* Any color from a predefined pallete. We reserve the right to disable some of the colors (ex: black)


This list of features is just a part of things we have in mind when it comes to repaying our project supporters.

As time goes by we would like to implement as many features as possible. You can be part of this project and give us feedback on what to be added next.

Support Us

DotA Allstars is a completely free project, made on pure enthusiasm. We all have families and regular paid work to do. We do not get paid in any fashion for making this map. If you want to do us a favor, you can help the project by donating, subscribing, spreading the map, or testing and reporting bugs.