D1Map BETA Build v0.78 - For the official website visit (d1stats.ru). Please keep in mind that Shop/Subscription and other features are not linked in anyway to the game. For testing purposes you can use this Paypal Account. Feedback and bugs are much appreciated @discord.

What are Crystals () ?

Exctracted from the depts of the earth by the goblins, crystals contain the very essence of magic. Aghanim himself relied on them to craft powerful items imbueing them with unheard-of abilities. This makes them the most valuable and sought resource there is. Cause only he, who has crystals, can experience true richness.

Crystals are the main currency on D1Stats website. You require them to unlock different shop items or participate in activities. Read more about limitations and conditions on how to use crystals

How to aquire Crystals () ?

Simply create your account and you'll receive a bonus on your registration. It's as easy as it sounds. Create your account either by fast-login (facebook/vk/google) or registration and you'll recieve a welcome-bonus worth of crystals.

The fastest and most common way to get crystals, is by purchasing them. Unless extreme cases or mistakes (that can be proved) crystals gain by direct-purchase are not refundable. We currently accept only PayPal transactions.

Once you subscribe, we'll repay your awesomeness with monthly crystals during your premium membership. These will be FREE crystals and added to your stash at start of subscription billing month. We trully appreciate your support.

LEARN MORE about subscribing and premium memberships.

Coming soon

You can test your luck on the Crystal Wheel. For a small crystal fee you have the chance of winning big prizes. Only for the bold and fearless.

Community Events COMING SOON
We will peridocally host community events where people can attend as long as they have a D1Stats account. Depending on the event the entry can be auto (everyone is eligeble), free (an attending confirmation must be done by the user) or with an admission fee.

Playing Games COMING SOON
Every game you will play on our map will get you points (as long as you are registered to the website and using a linked nickname). Only 5v5 games ended with throne destroyed will count.
However, more on the rules and conditions will be decided later. So be sure to keep your eye on the forums/news.