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Game Configuration File - Keyboard & Mouse input test

This is the easiest way to improve your skill and gameplay. Playing the DotA gets better from day to day, and beginning from now the latest of DotA AllStars and Legends of DotA maps include a completely new way to manage your ingame settings - a text-configuration file. After having started DotA 6.88 or LoD once, a special configurating file will be created in your WarCraft III root folder (config.dota.ini or config.lod.ini). Use this configurator below to adjust all the options that are currently available.

This file can be opened and edited with any text editor such as Notepad, it is a plain text file. If you do choose to manually change stuff, we are recommend to use "clever" text editors, e.g. NotePad++ or Sublime Text, as they have syntax highlight for an easier navigation through.

This configurator is intendend works only for maps BEFORE THE 7.00 PATCH.
This online feature will soon be deprecated. For anything after that use the in-game menu/options to configure.

You can assign any key to any skill or item slot. It will override the button’s default action - you don't have to worry about unbinding the Space key or any other special hardcoded WC3 key (the hotkeys in the config file are always the most important ones). This function also filters out inputs inside the "Chat" window, chatting will not be affected.

It is also possible to add a single modifier to the key; either ALT, CTRL or SHIFT. This allows having your whole inventory and skillset bound to specifically modified keybinds (like ALT+R) that are used by WC3. There are couple of hot-binds like "Space", "F1"-"F9", which can be used directly, even without using the HEX value. However, it is not possible to add any modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) to Space and F1-F9.

Allows to setup some key phrases and send them to ally chat whenever hotkey is pressed. For example, "Enemy missing" message.
QuickChatText contains the text, QuickChatHotkey - hotkey's value or the key required to be pressed in order to print the text message. Use the @ symbol as the first symbol in text, if you want to post your message in all-chat.
This is a very simple block of lines which will be entered in the chat at the start of the game. Make sure to allow all the commands (enable them in the above settings) to be typed first, before you make your own inputs.

By default all lines are empty. You may use ingame chat options here, or anything else you'd like to send to chat at the very start.
Visit the commands list page for the full list of chat commands available.

Use the @ symbol as the first symbol in text, if you want to post your message in all-chat.
Upload a config file from your computer.
Recommended if you don't want to go through all the config all over again.
Start a new config file from scratch.
Perfect for fine tuning and precise adjustment.

Download your last created config file.
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